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This gorgeous little guy came to the studio for his upsherin portraits today and brought along his little sister who just learned to walk! It took them a bit of time to warm up – which worked out perfectly to get these magnificent serious formal portraits.  By the time their clothes were changed, they were all smiles.


I had a chance to escape to Boston last week to visit my lovely friend Iliana and I grabbed it.  No way I could miss out on photographing her absolutely gorgeous kids!  (I had a hard time not sneaking little Jacob into my suitcase and bringing him home with me.)

Another one of my “next generation” cousins was in with her beautiful upsherin boy for portraits. And he brought along his, um, feisty little brother. Don’t they look like little angels sitting together?


This gorgeous little doll baby has enough personality for at least three babies.  Constantly moving and constantly charming, it was so much fun to see how much she’d grown since her last session here in the studio.


This gorgeous little boy – and his adorable baby sister – are my cousin’s grandkids. No, not his kids. His grandkids. I’m so old.  But what can I say – I have gorgeous relatives!


This little guy is super lucky.  Not only does he have gorgeous blond locks and adorable dimples, he gets to go have his upsherin in Israel!  Lag B’omer boys just have it made – especially if they are named “Shimon”.

It’s been way too long since my last blog post. Time to play catch-up!

This little guy was in the studio a little while ago for his pre-upsherin portraits.  He may not have a lot to cut off, but it’s still important to capture this moment in time before he becomes a “big boy”.  He also brought along his little sister for a few portraits of her own.

Sometimes I get lucky and my job is super easy.  There are some kids that just have the complete package.  This little guy was a classic example. The curls. The face (that dimple!). The personality.  Super easy-going and super fun.  All of it.  I really don’t know how his mama is going to choose favorites because I can’t even narrow it down to a reasonable amount of choices!


Oh this beautiful blond hair. It’s gone.  Sigh.


Did you know that included in every upsherin session is a free post-upsherin mini session?  The upsherin boy comes back within two weeks of his haircut and has a 15-minute mini session to showcase the new look.  Check out this funky little guy!