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I admit it. I have some favorites. I think all photographers do.  This family is right up there on my favorite list.  On top of all the gorgeousness that you can see for yourself right here, they just have the most fun and vibrant personalities all around.  From the father (why not propose to his wife of, um, several years?) down to the little guys, everybody in this family lives life to the fullest.


I’m so far behind in blogging that I almost forgot how to log in to my own website!!  I will get caught up – one day.


For now – how’s this little band of brothers?  I’ve been watching them grow over the years. We started with the two biggest ones and now there are four handsome guys!!

I had a chance to escape to Boston last week to visit my lovely friend Iliana and I grabbed it.  No way I could miss out on photographing her absolutely gorgeous kids!  (I had a hard time not sneaking little Jacob into my suitcase and bringing him home with me.)

Back in April, when it was supposed to be spring, we braved the ridiculously cold and leafless outdoors to capture Sruli’s curls just before they were cut off.  He brought along his beautiful big sister, too.




I fell in love with little Marie at the beach and she (and her Papa) graciously let me take a few photos.  See, that high school French did come to good use!

A. For the first time in over 2 years, we will be raising our print prices. Prices go up on January 1, 2013. If you have recently taken pictures, and have not yet ordered your prints, please call the studio to schedule an ordering session. If you schedule your session before January 1 (must be scheduled for the month of January) we will honor our 2012 print prices for you.

B. The studio will be closed for the month of February. Please keep this in mind when scheduling portrait sessions for the remainder of this winter season.


And because a post is not complete without a picture or two, here are a couple of my gang from earlier this fall.

This gorgeous family belongs to my brother and sister-in-law and it’s a treat to do a family session with them from time to time.  Just look at those eyes!

Before the hurricane and before the snow (is it really only mid November?!) there was a brief spell that we called “fall”.  A few lucky families managed to have their portraits done before all the trees came crashing down.  Now that all power and internet is running the way it should be (hope I didn’t jinx it!), more blog posts will be coming your way.


This lovely family was in town just for a day for a family celebration and was glad that I was able to squeeze them in. Such a well behaved gang of boys and two of the sweetest girls.


To me, the most beautiful time to have a family portrait done is in the fall.  The beauty of nature at this time of year is just breathtaking.  And this family fit right in there! Just look at the eyes on these little girls!