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This beautiful little girl has been in for portraits a couple of times already.  Now she’s the best big sister out there to the most adorable little guy!  He just didn’t stop smiling from the beginning to the end of his portrait session.


A couple of years ago, I had a great time photographing one of the most cooperative and beautiful little boys before his upsherin.  He brought along a tiny little baby brother. And now it was that little baby’s turn.  While he doesn’t have as many curls as his big brother did, he is every bit as charming.  And it was so much fun seeing how much both brothers had grown!  And this time, they brought along a baby sister, too!


How lucky are these two little guys?  Not quite two years apart means they have built in best friends.  Um, there may or may not have been some hair pulling, but that’s coming to an end when a little someone has his haircut in a couple of weeks!


This little princess has four knights to look after her.  Four big brothers.  You can only imagine how well equipped with all things girly and ruffly she is!