So what is  To me, it’s my fallback plan.  Whenever I don’t know what I’m making for a specific holiday meal, party contribution, or just plain dinner with my kids, I know I can look through the collection of host and user submitted recipes and find something I can use.  Perfect example – last night. I’d promised to bring cupcakes to my twin niece and nephew’s upsherin/birthday celebration for the kids’ table.  8:30 PM the night before the 9 AM party, the little kids were finally asleep and it was time to make cupcakes. Um, no cake mix. Yeah, I confess. Cupcakes in this house come from a mix. I don’t even bother with a mixer.  Mix it with a fork in a bowl, pop it in the oven and done.  Not going to happen this time.  So, I turned to CookKosher to find something simple.  Hmmm white cupcake recipe from a user who makes custom cupcakes professionally.  That should do it!



A couple of hours, a tub of Duncan Hines frosting (thank goodness I did find that in my pantry!) and some food coloring later, VOILA! Cupcakes!! is currently running a fabulous recipe contest on their website.  Lots of great prizes pop up a couple of times a week with a couple of amazing grand prizes at the end. For all the details, you can check it out on

This gorgeous little guy came to the studio for his upsherin portraits today and brought along his little sister who just learned to walk! It took them a bit of time to warm up – which worked out perfectly to get these magnificent serious formal portraits.  By the time their clothes were changed, they were all smiles.


I admit it. I have some favorites. I think all photographers do.  This family is right up there on my favorite list.  On top of all the gorgeousness that you can see for yourself right here, they just have the most fun and vibrant personalities all around.  From the father (why not propose to his wife of, um, several years?) down to the little guys, everybody in this family lives life to the fullest.


I’m so far behind in blogging that I almost forgot how to log in to my own website!!  I will get caught up – one day.


For now – how’s this little band of brothers?  I’ve been watching them grow over the years. We started with the two biggest ones and now there are four handsome guys!!

I had a chance to escape to Boston last week to visit my lovely friend Iliana and I grabbed it.  No way I could miss out on photographing her absolutely gorgeous kids!  (I had a hard time not sneaking little Jacob into my suitcase and bringing him home with me.)

Am I not lucky to have this little princess living next door?  She came in for a mini session as we build a timeline for a three year photo book like we made for her older siblings. It’s going to be so much fun watching her grow in real life and in front of the camera.


By now many of you know that I tend to go a little – ok, maybe a lot – over the top when throwing birthday parties for my kids.  I have fun doing it and we create really great memories for them.

My Benny turns six this week and he chose a nautical theme for his party.  The weather cooperated and we had a beautiful day for lots of sea-faring fun!

The invitation:

The boys decorated personalized sailor hats while we waited for everyone to arrive.  Then they learned how to make their own paper boats.  After that it was time for some active fun.  In two teams, they had relay races. They walked the plank, ran to ring the Captain’s bell, stacked the cargo and filled the water tanks.

After working up an appetite, they lined up for mess time.  Each boy got his own mess tray to fill with his choices from the buffet.  After dinner, they got to dig in the sand (table) for golden coins.

Everyone worked together to decipher the clues for a grand scavenger hunt.  They discovered a real treasure chest filled with loot!

The fabulous cupcakes were from Cup of Cake here in Lakewood. Once again, their treats were a huge hit!

A very special shout out to my lovely assistant who is training to create special parties of her own ;-) .


Another one of my “next generation” cousins was in with her beautiful upsherin boy for portraits. And he brought along his, um, feisty little brother. Don’t they look like little angels sitting together?


This gorgeous little doll baby has enough personality for at least three babies.  Constantly moving and constantly charming, it was so much fun to see how much she’d grown since her last session here in the studio.


This gorgeous little boy – and his adorable baby sister – are my cousin’s grandkids. No, not his kids. His grandkids. I’m so old.  But what can I say – I have gorgeous relatives!