Before your session we will discuss what it is you’d like to get out of your session. We will discuss your child/ren and anything you’d like me to know about them before we meet. I also like to have an idea of what kind of products excite you – large wall portraits, coffee table style books, gift prints, etc. – so I can plan the session accordingly.


When you arrive, I will introduce myself to the youngest children first. Please refrain from answering any questions I address to them. Asking about the treats at an upcoming birthday celebration or a favorite color is my way of engaging and connecting with a small child. It is important that I establish that connection so that your child will be comfortable and relaxed while I am working with him.

Breaks are encouraged as necessary to keep the child relaxed and in good spirits. Two hours are set aside for each session so that there is plenty of time.  A typical session lasts between one and one-and-a-half hours, depending on the number of subjects.  Clothing changes are encouraged as well. I like to photograph a child in a variety of two to three outfits that reflect different sides of her personality. You do know your child best, though, so if you know she won’t tolerate a complete change, consider changing just a piece or two of the outfit.


After your session, you will receive an appointment to come view your images here in the studio. We will go through the fully edited images and I will help you choose those that fit your needs best. Approximately two to four weeks later, your finished products will be available for pickup.