No, photography was not my lifelong passion. And I didn’t spend my childhood dreaming of taking pictures. Then I became a mom. Still didn’t get bitten by the bug. My son was actually six weeks old before I even bought a camera!  And even then, it was so that my husband could take pictures.

And then I became a mom again. And it hit me. It hit me just how fast they grow and change.  No one stage lasts for long. I became obsessed with capturing and preserving each step of change along the way. Snapshots weren’t good enough anymore. I needed to remember the moments, the emotions, just so. So I learned. I practiced and studied and snapped again and again. And I am so grateful to have captured so many different phases of the lives of my own children.

Now that passion guides me in my profession. I strive to capture those moments in the lives of every child who comes in front of my lens. The greatest reaction I can get from a mom viewing her images after a session is, “That’s so him!” Then I know I’ve done my job. I froze a time in this child’s life forever.  And that’s priceless to me.