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So what is  To me, it’s my fallback plan.  Whenever I don’t know what I’m making for a specific holiday meal, party contribution, or just plain dinner with my kids, I know I can look through the collection of host and user submitted recipes and find something I can use.  Perfect example – last night. I’d promised to bring cupcakes to my twin niece and nephew’s upsherin/birthday celebration for the kids’ table.  8:30 PM the night before the 9 AM party, the little kids were finally asleep and it was time to make cupcakes. Um, no cake mix. Yeah, I confess. Cupcakes in this house come from a mix. I don’t even bother with a mixer.  Mix it with a fork in a bowl, pop it in the oven and done.  Not going to happen this time.  So, I turned to CookKosher to find something simple.  Hmmm white cupcake recipe from a user who makes custom cupcakes professionally.  That should do it!



A couple of hours, a tub of Duncan Hines frosting (thank goodness I did find that in my pantry!) and some food coloring later, VOILA! Cupcakes!! is currently running a fabulous recipe contest on their website.  Lots of great prizes pop up a couple of times a week with a couple of amazing grand prizes at the end. For all the details, you can check it out on

This gorgeous little guy came to the studio for his upsherin portraits today and brought along his little sister who just learned to walk! It took them a bit of time to warm up – which worked out perfectly to get these magnificent serious formal portraits.  By the time their clothes were changed, they were all smiles.


I admit it. I have some favorites. I think all photographers do.  This family is right up there on my favorite list.  On top of all the gorgeousness that you can see for yourself right here, they just have the most fun and vibrant personalities all around.  From the father (why not propose to his wife of, um, several years?) down to the little guys, everybody in this family lives life to the fullest.