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Sometimes I get lucky and my job is super easy.  There are some kids that just have the complete package.  This little guy was a classic example. The curls. The face (that dimple!). The personality.  Super easy-going and super fun.  All of it.  I really don’t know how his mama is going to choose favorites because I can’t even narrow it down to a reasonable amount of choices!


There’s just something about a family of only boys.  Feels like a private little club where girls are just not allowed.  This lucky upsherin guy brought along his posse to his special photo session.


I’m pretty sure this family is in my top three best coordinated families.  None of them were matching, but the whole collection works perfectly together.  Future clients – take notes!!


This handsome young man was back after two years for a new round of portraits.  All traces of babyhood are gone and he’s a full fledged boy.  And didn’t he do a great job of choosing his own portrait wardrobe?


Oh this beautiful blond hair. It’s gone.  Sigh.


This little girl has the most pinchable (don’t think that’s really a word) cheeks I’ve ever come across!  And I’ve had a couple of cheeky ones myself.  Combine those with the gorgeous blue eyes and how can you avoid falling in love?  Her three handsome big brothers came along as well – so fun to see “my” upsherin guys growing up.


Did you know that included in every upsherin session is a free post-upsherin mini session?  The upsherin boy comes back within two weeks of his haircut and has a 15-minute mini session to showcase the new look.  Check out this funky little guy!


This beautiful little girl has been in for portraits a couple of times already.  Now she’s the best big sister out there to the most adorable little guy!  He just didn’t stop smiling from the beginning to the end of his portrait session.