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I got the feeling that these three guys have three very distinct personalities and I just love the way that was captured here!

This gorgeous family belongs to my brother and sister-in-law and it’s a treat to do a family session with them from time to time.  Just look at those eyes!

If all the toddlers that came to the studio behaved like this one, my job would be a breeze!  At just 21 months, she has the vocabulary of a three-year-old and took direction like one, too.  So much fun!

Before the hurricane and before the snow (is it really only mid November?!) there was a brief spell that we called “fall”.  A few lucky families managed to have their portraits done before all the trees came crashing down.  Now that all power and internet is running the way it should be (hope I didn’t jinx it!), more blog posts will be coming your way.