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I love meeting these little families where there’s one boy and one girl. They form their own little “team,” but there are still such strong boy and girl dynamics going on.  This little girl is all girl and he’s all boy.


This guy was just bursting with enthusiasm for his upsherin photo session.  We had so much fun together that he didn’t even want to leave at the end!


How lucky are these two little guys?  Not quite two years apart means they have built in best friends.  Um, there may or may not have been some hair pulling, but that’s coming to an end when a little someone has his haircut in a couple of weeks!


I absolutely love that this girl’s mama brings her girls for “upsherin” photos.  Why should the boys have all the fun?!  I have to say that it was a lot of fun for me to switch gears from my upsherin boy mindset and girl it up with this little three-year-old diva.


This little guy was in the studio yesterday for his pre-upsherin portrait session.  Such a little charmer and full of fun giggles.  What a great morning I had!

And you should just see how they all dote on her.  She’s a little family toy – and an adorable one, at that!  But she can keep up with those guys.  Climbing sand dunes and chasing the waves  – nothing was beyond her!

This is the third family in a set of cousins who all came for their beach sessions on Sunday night.  I think this bunch may just have been the ones to have the most fun.


Three lovely ladies and one handsome guy.  Such a beautiful family to spend time with at the beach.


This one is all about D. (Yes, that’s what he’s really called.)  His curls were spectacular last year, but they’ve only gotten more so now that he’s closer to three.  I can’t imagine how they can stand cutting them off!!